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Meet Our Board of Directors

Vizsla CEO (pictured above)

Ann Stout
President and Senior Vizsla Lover

Jonathan Stout

Ashley and Brittany Stout
Junior Vizsla Assistants

Welcome to Vizsla Treasures. We are your "ONE STOP VIRTUAL SHOP" for the latest in unique Vizsla merchandise. Vizsla Treasures was created in 2009 and has been growing in leaps and bounds ever since.† We hope that you enjoy our website as it is created especially for all vizsla†lovers who share the same passion as we do.

Our devotion to vizslas†began†when our first Vizsla puppy, Willow, was brought into our humble home. She was that†puppy who tugged at our shoelaces and then at our heart strings.† She became our first champion vizsla whose calling seemed to be in the rally ring.† Field work was not her cup of tea,†but her sweet disposition,†her "smile"†and†comical antics bring us joy on a daily basis.† And speaking of joy, thank you Joy Lyons (Lyons Vizslas),†Betty†Anderson†(Penlee Vizslas) and Patrice Shramko (Shramko Vizslas) for enlightening us to this wonderful breed.

Of course, one vizsla was not enough, and a year later along came Carter (MBISS GCH Titan's Take Me Seriously JH RN).† Carter has made us proud in the show ring and in the field.† He was a Top Ten Vizsla†for 3 years in a row with multiple Best in Specialty Wins and Group Placements galore.† Today he is retired and living the life a vizsla should live -†as our special pet, best friend†and family member.† Thank you to Peggy Schmidt of Titan Vizslas for allowing us to have this special boy and for being such a wonderful friend and mentor.

and on to our third vizsla, Miss Sadie (Carter's daughter).† Sadie makes a definite statement to all who meet her. With her sweet and loving disposition, she makes friends wherever she goes.† At 18 months, she has†such a zest for life.† She is like the Energizer Bunny, she just keeps going, and going, and going!† Sadie†earned her junior hunter title at 6 months and her championship at 10 months.† We have hopes that she will become our foundation bitch in the future.† Thank you Peggy Schmidt and Ida Kavafian for this little spitfire!

"Willow"†was unanimously elected to act as the Vizsla Chief Executive Officer for Vizsla Treasures since she has always ruled the roost. She is the overseer of all Vizsla merchandise that is offered in our virtual catalog.† Her†Board of Directors consists of Ann Stout, Senior Vizsla Lover and second in charge, Ashley and Brittany, the Junior Vizsla†Assistants, and Jonathan, our Webmaster, wonderful husband and father of all mentioned above.

Upon browsing our Vizsla catalog if you donít find what youíre looking for, please let us know - we will try to locate it for you.† Have a new Vizsla product or idea to market? - Let us hear from you.† We can help you get the word out.

It is a pleasure to share our Vizsla website with you.††Vizslas†give love that will last forever and can be quite habit forming. That is why humans are "owned by Vizslas"†and one Vizsla is never enough!† Are we right????†

Happy Vizsla Treasures shopping!

Ann Stout, Senior Vizsla Lover

This website is dedicated to the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club for their friendship, guidance and memories that will last a lifetime...